Billionaires have lost millions in this market turbulence started from the Chinese market crash last week. The losses were not confined to a particular country or region but extended from east to west and stung the investors  enmass. Tremors left the investors high and dry and it may take some time for them to digest losses accrued in this unwanted calamity in financial markets. Most of the visitors are stunned by the sting of these market monsters but the uncertainty of stock markets have created opportunities for the adventurous investors also. I found a number of such smiling faces who were sitting on cash in anticipation of such opportunities and grabbed the value stocks with both the hands at unbelievable rates. Trading sessions in the last 24 hours have justified my point of view for keeping invested and look for cherry stocks in these roller coster times. Dow Jones climbed and Indian Markets were back on green journey once again proving that chinese markets had little impact on the fundamentaly strong economies.

Keep invested and enjoy the ride!!

Wealth Creation

Certain calculations and predictions of stock markets do have veracity and authenticity based on past trends in the similar economic conditions. A number of experts have also been proved bang on target in the past but I still have my own reservations about the correctness of these forecasts. Some of the Pandits had predicted Indian markets to peak at 30000 level by the last quarter of the current financial year and a strong indicator came from US to bottom out the index at 10000. Well that could be the guesses or the sentiments only as the fundamentals are not going to change much for the companies which pull the markets. We have seen in the recent past that these experts retreat their stand on one pretext or the other. The Sensex is struggling at 26000 level and with no extra ordinary activity visible in the next few months, I doubt this level going anywhere but 30000. My sincere advice to those who have tendency to quit the market by booking huge losses due to panicky conditions that they need to be patient and look for a few stocks which were beyond their reach but are available now on unexpected valuations. Keep invested dear investors!!!

Hey, the European, US and Indian Markets are up dispelling the doubts of many who were predicting further bleeding of the stock markets due to Chinese markets. China has revised its interest rates structure bringing sanity to the overall market scenario. Dow Jones leads from front  in bringing smiles to the weak souls!!

Big Hearts- Bear Market

Starting the slide with devaluation of Chinese currency last month, the scaring news of Indian stocks falling like pack of cards makes the poor investors run away from the markets. Financial experts hardly miss a chance to sell their products with manipulated analysis of stocks and views on fundamentals of those companies who are rated as top performers during the normal business times. A few of them relate to the movement of markets with the impending elections in 2016 and predict bears or crash due to the reasons which have generally proved them wrong after elections. They have their own agendas of remaining in the news by sending shivers down the spines of investors who enter or exit on the recommendations of so called experts without going into the basics of the stocks they are putting their hard earned money in. May I have the liberty to advise the investors who hardly find time to go through the intricacies of studying the liabilities and assets sides of the balance sheets due to their lack of knowledge that they should keep invested in the stocks of those companies who have proved their mirth over the years by performing consistantly. It is not the right time to show your back to the market in the troubled times but always an opportunity to get possession of a few stocks which were beyond their reach during the normal bulls and merry go round times. This is YOU who is going to rock after the bearish trends pass by!!!!

Hello world!

This is my first blogging effort to satisfy my urge to write on diverse topics concerning all walks of people. Nobody is perfect and its the readers who create good writers with their critical observations sometimes at the cost of annoying the masters. I am contemplating to touch upon the idea of commitments of professionals who sacrifice their comforts to bring in the best possible products for the masses.