Festival Moods

Festival Moods


A very colourful festive season is already up there for every Indian to celebrate and so are the Americans preparing for Hallowen festival on 30th October to be followed by Easter , Christmas and New Year. Indians are celebrating Durga Puja , Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and New Year too.  Looks like the Gods on both sides formulated this festival season stretching for three months for celebrating the democratic vibrations of both the countries


We in India celebrate Lohri in the month of January around  the cosy warmth of the holy fire munching peanuts and Revris/Gajak [ sugar balls coated with seasame seeds} late in the evening and the memories of my childhood bring nostalgic scenes of young boys and girls visiting the neighbours and seeking sweets by singing songs. It used to be a bagful of peanuts/Revris/Gajak, when we used to return home late in the night for at least seven days preceding the festival. Such was the charm of this festival that the  school bag flew like a kite when we made our way back home from the school late in the evenin


The Hallowen festival in USA seems  akin to our Lohri where the children dressed in colourful attires visit the neighbours and try to frighten the families, who in  turn feel happy to distribute toffees, chocolates and other such sweets to the children. The preparations were already on when I left USA last week and the MAlls were full of Hallowen dresses and other accessories giving a festive look to the air.

Lets all celebrate with most humility and pray for those innocent souls who are made to live as refugees away from their home. May peace prevail and the evils disappear from this beautiful world

Drones-the little cute birds

USA is contemplating regulation of Drones

Is the world listening? Drones , the little object has been contributing not only to identify the targets and destroying them by the army but it has taken to dimensions which if not regulated was a threat for the privacy of individuals and safety of air traffic

We understand that registration will reinforce the need for the  drone operators to learn the airspace rules before they fly, and use their devices safely. Secondly, the registration will allow these rules to be enforced, and let the authorities identify any operator who breaks these rules.

Presently it is easy to locate the actual drone that may have violated illegal airspace but it’s difficult to find the operator of the offending drone, and this registration will close that loophole. There have been close misses in the past and a potential threat for future too. The toy/commercial drones are getting popular in the developing countries which seems to be more challenging due to the lacunaes in their existing surveylance structure. We need to formulate a uniform code to regulate this product which is going to rule the space and may prove to be security hazard besides violating the privacy of individuals. The US realises its utility and applicability as seen in the recent wars and has the might to put the system in place but a broader outlook on the issue will ensure prospering of the drone industry across the Globe with zero tolerance on the envisaged threats


Where is the Safety

Prompted to write for the only reason that our country men have the tendency to criticize and condemn the Government on every possible opportunity. I am neither advocating for the present rulers nor trying to shields the misgovernance of the past ruling parties/coalitions. My two months privillege of visiting the biggest economy has been a wonderful experience from the visitors point of view as it gave me an opportunity to see those mesmerising locations in and around New york but  the hidden part also brought me closer to my own loving motherland. I could know that some areas are prone to thefts and other such criminal activities in that part of the Globe too but  we as outsiders hardly find time to take our eyes off from the glare of beauty/nature/discipline and all services being provided to the citizens in unbelievably orderly manner.  The fact remains that thefts/stabbings and other such happenings are also  a  part of social fibre  of the country.

Hardly feeling relaxed after the exhausting flight of 14 hours, I got a disturbing news from Australia about a clean sweep of Money/Gold/All valuables lying in my sons house that took place within a few hours of locking the door for an emergent appointment with a doctor at  a distance of 25 KM. That shook my confidence about the tall claims of the developed countries  who boast off the closest scrutiny of security measures for the safety of the inhabitants. On the contrary, on my return from NewYork I found everything in order at my locked house  without even the  slightest sign of any misadventure  by the so called thieves/burglars/criminal living in the capital of our country.

We are concerned about the terrorism and terrorism related refugee problems and all countries take pride in reaching out to the effected parts of the civilised society through Financial and Social service networks.This seems to be an allopathic dose given to a patient resulting in other side effects which includes petty crimes like thefts/stabbings/hoolganism entered into by those who are left jobless fending for themselves after getting ousted from their native land.Well if this a global phenomenon, we need to redress this problem on priority too. May be the rulers will understand the urgency and tackle these problems as a package and not by just rehabilitating the exodus

Amazing Love

The 1965 war between India and Pakistan was a result of skirmishes that culminated into a fiercely fought battle from April to Sept 1965 with both the sides claiming moral as well as technical victory but in the end a great loss to the Indian democracy. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the Prime Minister after signing the Tashkent agreement with Pakistan on 23rd September passed away in his sleep and left the country stunned with a lot of unanswered questions. A great soul and a true Gandhian leader of highest stature was a popular figure amongst the masses and with his slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” ,this diminutive leader  brought the entire community together for fighting against the enemy.

Those were the times when I had just upgraded from a Primary School to the High School in a countryside township of the area which was subsequently dissected from the erstwhile state of Punjab and renamed as Haryana. Initial days in the school were as interesting and challenging as anything in life. The school compound had a big building with more than 40 class rooms, a Boarding House, Canteen, Sports Room, NCC Room and sprawling lawns with two big playgrounds. Location of our school premises never allowed us to get bored as on one side was the busiest GT Road and on the other, the main railway track which kept our attention diverted with cars/trucks/buses/trains sounding horns at regular intervals.

Coming from an average family where both the parents were engaged in upbringing of two sons and a daughter by working hard to provide two times meals besides paying subsidized school fees and other utilities essential to pursue the school level education. A small rented room without any basic amenities and hard life by the parents didn’t deter the confidence of the siblings as all the three got into the groove by earning love and special care of all the teachers due to their submissive and hard working nature. A common toilet with transparent glass door located on the first floor of the building with manual scavenging system used to take care of privacy of about 15 inhabitants who had to visit this very important destination daily at least once to answer nature calls .“who is inside”, was a regular feature of loud voice heard down in the room and the occupant of the toilet had to keep coughing all the time to acknowledge the quarry. This uneasy situation continued for over two years as the stubborn landlord paid little attention to the request and pleadings of the tenants. However a good sense prevailed on the landlord resulting in painting of the glass door with a blue paint after he found his own daughter-in-law in a very embarrassing position inviting raw handling by his own son during an early winter morning.