How Much We Care-Felling of Trees

Living in a developed country provides you an opportunity to feel standing tall as others look at you with keen interest for emulating your feat. That gives a pride feeling to the core issue of development from the living perspective and comforts being enjoyed by the community. Being a  regular visitor to the country sometimes I dwell upon an idea which is construed as a biased opinion in the eyes of my native land but my current post may give a smile or two to my countrymen for analysing and making out a case of lack in determination for pursuing a humanitarian cause by the developed countries. Yes I am talking about the issue of  forest conservation or ecological balance which concerns every human being  on this earth.  My observation is in no way any endorsement to the gross violation of forest conservation guidelines by the under developed/developing  countries.

A tonne of paper consumes approximately 20 full-grown trees, over 90,000 litres of water, over 1.2 tonnes of coal and an assortment of chemicals. The greenhouse gas emissions of this tonne of paper are approximately 8 tonnes (with a tonne of recycled paper emitting approximately 2 tonnes of greenhouse gases), according to the Federal Government’s Green Office Guide (PDF).

Every year, every Australian office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of A4 paper, with approximately 50 per cent of this going straight to landfill.

I have seen flawless working in all the offices here in Sydney where most of the registrations/payments/licences is done without insisting for any paper or personal appearance. Great achievements when compared to the upcoming nations where the hard copies of documents are still persisted resulting in bulky files of the case before being disposed off with unbelievable delays. But while living in a suburb of the Sydney city, I find  a large number of advertisement news papers and publicity material lying unattended strewn outside the houses, sometimes locked for days all together.

Every day, about 300,000 trees are flushed down the drain or end up as garbage all over the world.

Most tissue products available in shops today – like toilet paper, kitchen towels, tissues and napkins – are made of virgin fibres and not recycled content.

Switching to electronic bills, collectively, could save 150 million pounds of paper.

My point of contention lies in the fact whether

we can do away with toilet papers/kitchen towel and other napkin in a phased manner by finding out the alternatives\

Why cant we stop gross misuse of paper used in voluminous advertisement newspapers/  periodicals more importantly the quantity which is going  unattended outside  the houses. The printing cost/the distribution cost and other variable costs can be done away by weekly fairs or some other activities supplemented with personal mailer


GOLD is No More Yellow




US`$!880  an ounce in 2011 to $1050+ an ounce on  Friday last speaks of the depreciation in Gold prices over the last five years and the prevailing conditions doesnt favour much about gold prices in near future . The market Pandits had speculated Gold prices to the levels as low as 400 $ an ounce, which may be a pessimistic outlook only from this stage as the demand in ornaments and industry is season based and the biggest population in India and China does matter for increasing demand and supply gap

In normal circumstances investors run for the safe heavens by investing in Gold when the stock markets are falling but the chinese market crash coupled with other factors has not resulted in checking the slide down the hill in gold prices.

The third investment avenue lies in Mortgage portfolio and the Europe and Australian markets are watching big appreciation in property rates after the 2008 crash.

Dollar has been appreciating against almost all the currencies resulting in less demand of the yellow metal which is going to be a main dampening feature in the gold prices. The elite forces in China may not be keen on investments in Gold if the economy remains giving jerks and not coming upto the expected figures of 7% as the current position doesnt vouch in favour of such growth for the time being.

US$ is indicating further strength in the future and may touch Euro in the race but to add to the complex position we may see FED RESERVE also going for increase in interest rates from the existing almost 0%. In that case the investor will try to move to invest in avenues other than Gold as there is no such  accrual of interest in buying the yellow metal.


Lets see when the yellow metal retains its shine for the investors

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Join Forces To Invest in Clean Energy Technology




The founders of Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to solve climate change. Mark Zuckerberg announced today that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have..

Source: Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Join Forces To Invest in Clean Energy Technology



Nature has bounty something for all. Bonsai miniature or the tall.

Green. yellow or the red, the lovely landscape well spread

Like a mother– it nurtures all, but how different? it is on the fall

The small and big trees stand bare, chirping birds feels scare

No more leafs or flower to be seen, All gone–Red, yellow or green,

She covers the exposed as newly born, beautifully wrapped in a white gown


The shivering starts all to see. no more cool breeze under the tree,

escape early back to the bed, the white snow music all over spread

The sun goes down early  too soon, making way for stars and moon,

She turns the wheel all to see, return of warmth and the glee

Sun shines like a mighty Power,She soothes the burns with a cool breeze shower

Be its summer, winter  or fall, she is a loving caring mother for all–THE NATURE



She has the bounty something for all. Bonsai miniature or the tall.

Green. yellow or the red, the lovely landscape well spread

Like a mother it nurtures all, but how different it is on the fallI

The small and big stand bare, chirping birds feels scare

green yellow cynosure turns brown, the green trees feel

She covers the exposed as new born, beautifully wrapped in a white gown

The shivering starts all to see. no more cool breeze under the tree,

escape early back to the bed, the white snow all over spread

The sun goes down too soon, making an early view of the moon,

Sun when shines mighty the power   She soothe the heat with breezy shower





Sobbing cries aloud in ears, rolling down the running tears

might when shines the power   She soothe the pain with breezy shower  allows the parts to easily breath   The gown remains till all are safe.   Bare around. Only which stand to ground

Blonde Dream



Sinking in love with humming sound, Mystic air whispers just  around.

Makes me smile for the love abode and lovely grin getting certainly broad

there she lay with freedom abound with a shine in eyes n hair around.

Golden blonde all over her face, there she lay with wonderful grace

Quivering, Red hot petals of rose, moving like a smooth little prose,

felt like touching this fire alive to make merry with a deep hard sigh

Going down slowly to feel the truth and explore her like a beautiful myth.

Moon drops started drenching my face with a stream of freezed water brace

all I saw was a dream of life,  broken by high pitch red eyed wife.

Wish it were a real moment to savior and I could see it in my life once more



Globalisation has brought about fair play mechanism for pricing the tradable merchandise of garments, electronic or for that matter any consumable item across the world and the impact is visible when one happens to buy garments or any item from the various markets across Asia, Australia and USA.  Yes there could be a difference of quality as most of the Chinese items lying in Indian markets are considered  sub standard and any item found to be of low quality is termed as Chinese by the Indian buyers. However the same chinese items lying in the shopping malls of developed countries bear stamp of quality as I didnt find even a single buyer in USA or Australia making faces at the Chinese items as is distinctly visible in Indian markets.

Well that could be the strict quality control mechanism available in the developed countries or the consumers in these countries are more quality conscious. Many consumers have started shopping online now, or simply integrating the practice into their regular shopping by researching purchases online before buying in store.


Perhaps the most important feature to note is that the U.S. is not the number one e-commerce market but China is. China’s market is expected to generate more than 500 billion dollars in sales in 2015 against US estimates of about 360 billion dollars, and shopping is the fastest growing online activity among Chinese consumers. Smartphone and tablet penetration is also better in China, with more than 3o percent of spending happening on mobile,

However, business houses in US seem reluctant to adopt e-commerce, as only 25 percent of small businesses have an online presence despite 60 percent of the US population shopping online. That means only big brands and large companies have the distinct advantage of procuring business online . This could be the feature of all global markets as there seems to be huge challenge from the big players. Japan takes the lead in number of people purchasing online i.e more than 80% right now which is around 50% of total e-commerce spending by the customers.

Only 20 % Indians have access to internet and the customers have started venturing into e-commerce activities just now. we have only 3% Indians shopping online. A huge market awaits Indian companies and retailers for reaching out to the customers through e-commerce. The digital India programme of the Government  is a step in right direction to take benefit of exponential growth envisaged by the global players.

We are going to see the e-commerce  growing into trillions dollars industry and it will be a tough task for the markets/shops and trading centres to cope with the pressures as the convenience of shopping from the comforts of bed rooms has its own charms and advantagechristmas-coupon-pack_23-2147529186



That whistling touch says it all, the wings she spreads after the fall.

the heights it gained over the sky, for every fall a wonderful try.

My heart reaches for the heights it gain, keeps suspended like the rain

the touch of grace and efforts it makes,  the horizon every time  it stakes

wish we all take a call, never to wither after the fall