Where Are All The Women In White Hats?

Is it  only America which needs cyber security jobs to be filled in by the women? I think we in India too need to explore this very important part of IT Industry and Women fit in well to outnumber the male population in the Industry

cyber security

America needs cyber talent — especially among women. Without a capable workforce to secure the smartphone in your hand or the highly classified networks our..

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2015 in review

How wonderful it feels to have such encouraging stats for the post which started in Sept 2015. My followers have made it possible and I feel encouraged to write more to keep everyone engaged. Love you dear followers and those who provided me their valuable inputs.          A BIG THANKS TO WORDPRESS                                       The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,000 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

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8 Tips To Build A Great Relationship With Customers

That’s a perfect post targeting the customers in right earnest and if the customers interest is taken care of the business is not only going to grow but boom

Seb Dani

Customers are the lifeblood of a business. Therefore building great relationships with them is crucial for you and your company. Most of business people follow different strategies to create a close and personal relationship with clients.

1. Remember customers are people not numbers.

The time when a customer was just a number to a business is over. Once you get your first customers show them respect. Talk to them. Ask for their name. Have a conversation with them. Treat them as you like to be treated, each one of them. They very likely  will come back frequently and do more business with you. The chances that, they will recommend your company to others are greatly increased.

2. Get to know your customers in person.

You’ll get chance to meet the customers in person. Remembering their name, their family members and other personal details goes a long way. Ask the customers…

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Do we Care

Gerokreuz_full_20050903 (1)

Festivals and national holidays are perhaps the most eagerly anticipated occasions of the year.  The best thing about public celebrations is that they bring people together and stay connected with their culture and values. Christmas and the associated holiday shopping season bring cheer to the US and several other economies.

Xmas celebrations are almost over and huge spendings exhausting the credit limits of credit cards signal an end to the most awaited holdaying period of the year. Grocery shops, super markets, Malls and all small/big shops had a huge number of visitors for buying the gifts and groceries for the week.

A large number of families proceed on holiday trips  overseas and may be returning home exhausted both physically as well as financially.

With due regards to all concerned,  are we not becoming more and more materialistic by scheduling our family holidaying season with the religious festivals . We celebrate these occasions as a mark of respect to these great pious souls who suffered for the welfare of  humanity . Jesus suffered and was reborn as a son of God and there comes the reason for celebrations for all .


Like on Xmas, expenditure on all these festivals including Diwali in India is enormous  in the name of God without knowing the fact that He or She never lived their life in comforts.

Most of the families shop for meat and alcohal all these days to enjoy the festival mood without ever praying for those underprivilleged brethern who cant afford even two time meals for their families. Do the rich who decorate their houses and buy gifts worth thousands of dollars get more favor from the Lord.

I remember a short poem  included in the syllabus curriculam of class VI standard in my school which goes as under:

“One night Abou finds an angel, in his room writing names of those who loved Lord in a golden book lit with a divine light .  When Abou hears he is not on the list, he prays that the angel add his name to the list of people who love their fellow men. The following night the angel returns and tells Abou that not only has he made the list of those loved by the Lord but his name appears on top of the list”

The theme of this poem has left an indelible mark on my mind since my childhood making me a critique of those spending lavishly on these festivals. Tons of leftover meals are thrown in the garbage every day by the people without understanding the fact that its not their loss, its the loss of the community as a whole.

Why cant we celebrate these festivals with humility by praying and providing for those who can’t afford to arrange for their families.

will  caring for the needy not be a service to the God???



5 Tips To Keep Going When Life Gets Tough

He writes in so simple words that the things get straight into your head,Seb Dani Again::

Merry xmas and a very happy new year to all dear friends

Seb Dani

Feeling you never going to make it happen. Life gets overwhelmed at times. You think everything is throwing at you and all is proving that you’re nothing more than a failure. I got to stop you right there. It’s not just you, yes everyone at some point in life does go through hard time and struggle. Welcome to the real world. Dont give up. Hang on there.

Here is the reasons why:

1. Light is just around the corner.

Never ending tasks. Lot’s of unfinished projects. It really gets tough. You feel that your against a thick solid wall. How can you move it out  of the way. Well you have to fight to break that wall. That’s only way to get through it. It might seems easier giving up, but that’s not who you are. Remember light could be just around the corner. So keep pushing forward. You know…

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SHOCKER–App Based Travel Companies

APP based travel companies which are operating in violation of the existing laws by distorting the facts are here for a shock.

A US court has upheld the authority of FAA( Federal Aviation Administration) for regulating air traffic, thus forcing the landing and shut down of Flytenow,a  company which was operating on the same model as UBER or OLA and other such ventures across the world.

Most of the Governments refused licences to these companies initially but the strong lobbies have prevailed over the law makers to change their mind and legalise the system susequently. Australia being the latest country to accord legal status to UBER


These companies have been advocating for their cause by alleging  Govts for not matching the laws with the speed of latest technology.

Does that mean that the laws will be formulated by keeping in view the interests of manufacturers or the new ventures and not the public in general

Security of the passengers has been thrown to wind as the said model lacks in providing any clue if the driver or the passenger switch off their mobile phones. Like UBER and OLA as land transports system, Flytenow was proposing sharing of flights by the private pilots which would open air traffic by compromising with the security of all concerned.  

Voices of the aggrieved have been shut every where by the vested lobbies by snatching  living of lacs of drivers/operators/owners engaged in the transport business  for decades and contributing tremendously towards the revenue of these countries. 

May we hope that all countries will take note of this latest development and tie the loose ends as far as security is concerned by safeguarding the interests of taxi operators and customers by providing a level playing field for all


India’s middle class is almost impossible to define

In the Indian economic scenario,we have no middle class now. It is either lower middle class or the upper middle class which means the middle class has already lived its life. However an attempt supplemented on the income criteria seems to have been made by Quartz and I am reproducing the report by sharing in toto as under


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