The Life was full of love and pride,

As he geared up to get all in his stride,

Little steps but far to go,

Journey of life looked –far too slow,

Wanted to help– all with his might,

Without caring for his own bleak plight,

A Few steps -he took off the track,

and tried his luck for early to crack,

The track was worn and struggles abound,

Little to gain with no one around,

Hard life but no one to support,

Eager to win or think to abort,

Some smiles appeared–with two times meal,

The wounds so harsh difficult to heal,

goals looked so near– but always far,

Despite his commitments never under par,

Honest, tireless worked he hard,

To find the lady luck smile at last

Never! he hurt anyone in life, the parents, the elders or his wife,

the rarest specie- of his breed ,All waiting– for him early to succeed,

Hope the fortunes smile a bit soon, may he get his share of boon,


India’s spiritual gurus are the newbie gods of consumer goods — Quartz

Strange but true, they are the brand icon of their products and enjoy political patronage from the leading groups of the country. A  Ready market of customers who follow them blindly  creates panic in the minds of established brands over the years. The unbelievable ever expanding empire looks threatening for the  mighty Industrial houses and may bring quality and pricing equation on the forefront for consumer to benefit.


India’s consumer goods market is in for some divine intervention as spiritual gurus make a beeline to the profits counter. After the spectacular success of Patanjali Ayurveda—yoga guru Ramdev’s firm—others are now either entering the sector or aggressively expanding existing businesses. In February, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh—the flamboyant leader of Dera Sacha Sauda, a sect…

via India’s spiritual gurus are the newbie gods of consumer goods — Quartz

And She Was Born


Long wait and money he spent,

For cries of the child absolutely meant

It was a case of life or death,

His wife kept taking irregular breath,

lots of pain and tears in eyes ,

she was moved inside with sobs and cries.

Praying to God for the love and care,

Kneeling down almost in despair.

He wanted to be blessed with a cute little girl,

to feel the magic of growing  damsel,

The cries had stopped as the smiles spread,

the news of a girl child cooled his head,

She smiled to see the joy on his face,

it looked benevolent relaxed and full of grace.

wondered as if all was true,

his eyes stuck on the door like a glue.

Moving around for everyone to see,

he opened up to welcome all in glee,

Waited for years to happen for him,

the news so soothing full up to brim,

Tender hands and bubbly cheeks,

she looked an angel in her sleep.

Amazing Life, How True!!!

imageLearning every bit from my blogging community over the past few months , I proudly announce the launching of my first book on kindle. It’s a story of two families migrated in India after turbulent times during the partition days   Two young hearts born to these families grew up together through puberty and teenage to experience eternal love bond. Barring a few gazes or occasional handshake, they sustained this relationship for 26 years ——————————



Amazing Life

Gud evening my dear friends and am sorry for being away from your wonderful company for a few months. My first effort to author a book has at last materialized as Amazing Life is going to be launched on 22 nd March 2016. Hope you will enjoy the reading of a very interesting story of two young hearts born and brought up together by two different families enjoying diverse culture and financial status. Your critical analysis will certainly help me in maturing into a complete writer