3 Reasons Partnering With Dream Big is a Brilliant and Valuable Idea!

3 Reasons Partnering With Dream Big is a Brilliant and Valuable Idea!

All the best for this novel idea man

Dream Big, Dream Often

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So here is what I am proposing for those interested in deepening their relationship with Dream Big and the community.  For a partnership you will receive 3 levels of exposure for your page: a clickable 200 x 200 logo in my sidebar, a link listing in my Partners Featured Bloggers segment once per week and your blog logo (200 x 200) linking to your page from a page header titled “Dream Big Partners.”

A partnership will entitle you to 3 months (90 days) of exposure on my page in all 3 areas.  Along with these benefits I will encourage my readers to visit partners’ pages and will throw in the occasional reblog (when subject and timing is appropriate).  This will be an extension of the work I have been doing for the last 1 1/2 years of helping to promote other’s pages, but this will be the first time I…

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Absolutely a New Playfield



I never thought of writing poetic posts as my inclination has been towards Business and Financing due to my long exposure in the  Banking service. The sudden transformation may have come after finding a number of my blogging friends writing so beautifully and expressing their feelings from the core of their hearts. I may not be adept at the nuance of writing poetry but trying to express whatever I feel about various phases of life in the simplest form of words . Your sincere observation will certainly enrich my resolve to continue writing in future too

Success Comes with Positive Vibrations

what if lost.jpg

when the things start happening beyond control,

never lose heart  and go for a stroll

sometimes it may- hurt you more,

test your wits for some good to explore

Nature may sometimes test your might,

don’t curse the times, god or plight

life is serendipitous with twists and turns,

crosses the line, he who tends to learn

quitting after defeat is not a solution

the success warrants a positive resolution

don’t give up when exhausted uphill

slowly you will reach if you have the will

success is the hidden part of the defeat

who has ever won after the retreat??








Amazing Life–Free Book Promotion

My dear friends a wonderful response from my readers and their awesome reviews have made me reach out to more readers  for their reviews  by deciding to make the book available for free download from Amazon from 01/05/2016 to 05/05/2016. Please Feel free to download the book without paying anything and enjoy the stuff. You will certainly relate to the various incidents happening in the lives of two hearts born and brought up together in  the same edifice.

Yes, I will be obliged if you provide me with your valued comments on the quality of contents. So enjoy reading and have fun—image

How much does Mr. Rajan, Governor RBI and the man who predicted the 2008 financial crash earn today? — Quartz


Mr Rajan being at the helm of affairs is aware of the disparities between pay structure of Private and Govt Owned Bank. What Mr Rajan is getting in the name of monthly salary is a peanut as compared to the Private banks, what to talk of international CEOs who earn millions of dollars a month. How can we think of some better prospects if the people who served the banking industry with meagre salaries have been subjected to lowering of pension under the very nose of the RBI/Finance Ministry?


India’s central bank has released details of employees’ salaries—including that of governor Raghuram Rajan’s, whose tenure ends this September. Fifty-three year old Rajan—who famously predicted the 2008 global financial meltdown a decade ago—earns about Rs1,98,700 ($2,978) a month. This means his gross annual income is around Rs24,00,000 ($35,973). Every month, the Reserve Bank of India…

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How to be an interesting person



Every individual is different but there are some tested parameters which apply t all and bring positive results if followed meticulously. Here are ten suggestions as made out by my friend Seb in this interesting post

Few years ago I remember being in a party with a group of friends. There were this guy talking and getting the attention of all the girls there. Then a friend of mine was trying hard to get the attention. He started being loud, laughing and attemting to be funy. It didn’t work. The other […]

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some happen through blood. others through love

some prove the bonds with everything above.


The trying times or moments of joy,

they always share with abundant ahoy


the stretches of morn, eve or night

all moments we spent were simply bright


tinkling sounds of glasses of drinks,

reminds me of those wonderful links,


the finesse of love and style to serve,

the first drink was always testing my nerve,


your aura of love affection and care.

your holding of hands when no one there


an ocean of serenity symbol you are,

my revered, my loved  my inspiration you are


you are the one!- I adore the most,

if u were not there,I would have lost


wish the relations are  always so pure

everyone everywhere may feel so secure






Time magazine names Flipkart founders among 100 most influential people in the world — Quartz


Proud moments for Indians for providing the likes of Amazon a real competitor  by making Flipkart an International brand. We are a country where genius are born and the Bansal’s have proved it.

Flipkart founders Sachin Bansal, and Binny Bansal (not related) have become the first Indian e-commerce entrepreneurs to be named among the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Now in its 13th year, the 100 most influential people’s list is released annually and recognises the activism, innovation, and achievement. “Binny and Sachin…

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A spending freeze by high-rolling Chinese tourists is scaring Europe’s luxury industry — Quartz

Chinese shoppers buy more luxury goods than anyone else in the world. They account for 31% of global luxury purchases, according to consulting firm Bain & Company. They also do about 80% of their buying outside mainland China, where currency exchange rates and import tariffs mean higher prices. For these shoppers, Bain says (pdf, p.…

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