True Leadership

Does your success really matter for being a true leader??
May be,yes!! as most of the books carry examples of successful leaders who have excelled in their professional amd Personal lives. Some writers talk about the born leaders while others ridicule this concept of born leaders as they consider leaders to inculculcate the qualities and zeal to succeed in their attitude while the genes play no role in the making of great leaders

 I happened to experience an all together different phenomenon of Leadership last Sunday.  Our entire family unit is holidaying in USA these days and suddenly my grandson aged eight years suggested visiting Rockville a place for indoor rock climbing sport for a few hours. He is a genius at such a tender age and we couldn’t say no to his proposal. About forty minutes drive from our residence and we were there to see the anxious performance of the kids numbering four. The youngest being my grand daughter just four years old studying in her kinder garten school. After payment at the counter, the kids were ready in their sports gears and support staff. I was feeling relaxed in the company of My son/daughter and their families watching the kids trying to climb the vertical walls of more than 60 feet.

my grandson having already experienced this adventure alongwith the school team was quick touching the top repeatedly but all other kids and elder ones looked desperate. Every effort looked in vain as they felt out of breath and clapped at what my grandson was doing repeatedly.

Suddenly we could see my grand daughter trying to go up steadily but finding the task little bit too tough for her age had surrendered. She got up again and we stood motionless looking at each other as the four years old tried yet another time and clinging like a small creature from a distance she was trekiing up slowly . In minutes she was up there on top!!! Everyone started cheering her and waited for her return on the floor.

It was like an Olympic Gold performance as the cuddles and blessings showered from all over the place and we looked proud grand parents. The real story started after this wonderful achievement by the little cute girl. My grandson aged less than five years looked determined and so did everyone  in the family. One after the other every member found the blood gushing in his arteries and to the great astonishment  everyone tried and climbed the curved wall like really professional rock climbers!!

The inspiration and leading from the front attitude was shown by the little girl. Did she mean to lead the family?? Did she try to succeed professionally?? Did she have any ambition other than climbing the wall?? Not really but unknowingly she presented a great lesson on leadership and I wondered if any of the books written by the acclaimed writers had been able convey the
message which has this four years girl conveyed authentically

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You are the True Leader indeed!!