Earn Online: Monetisation of Dreams

Who doesn’t dream to be rich? Everyone does and so do I!! Sometimes it may look weird and unrealistic but dreams need to be like that. If your dreams are not making you spend sleepless nights then the delusion which sneaks through our minds while we are asleep are not big enough.

There are people who manage to stretch their dreams and find out the resources to achieve success. Yes! I do agree that achieving big in life needs to be a steady process nurtured through sheer hard work and patience but certainly its possible with right temperament, commitment and drawing a clear route map for your journey.

We have another set of dreamers who wanted to become rich overnight with little efforts.

Hundreds of catchy and luring ads inserted by the hoaxers can be found inviting you to earn quick bucks by starting online business. Basically they are all engaged in selling dreams to hundreds and thousands of aspiring people who are dreaming of a trail of dollars dropping from nowhere into their pockets by setting up a simple system after payment of a fees. Strange!!

The shrewed scamster will send a few snap shots of fabricated payment proof like Bank transcations, Paypal account etc. to make you believe about authenticity of the system. A good number of unsuspecting people will fall prey to their nefarious designs too. The poor cusotomers would realise, Alas!! after losing their hard earned money. The scamsters will vanish from the scene after defrauding a good number of people and appear with some other name again after a few days to poach/trap a few more.

You need to be circumspect when you find these luring tag lines on the internet when you are googling your intentions to earn online. We need to understand as to why a person having any idea of creating income by operating a system would like to share the secret to any body else? He can accumulate huge wealth himself to become the richest person.

The platforms like Godaddy, WordPress, Freelancer,Upwork, Coursera, Udemy and others are providing opportunity for you to earn extra income with your hobbies or skills without having to produce proof of formal education but You need to have exceptional skills to earn online .

Explore your own talent before wasting your time and money. Even the knowledge acquired with your experiences in life helps. A large number of professionals have been earning their living or passive income while sitting at home and finding jobs from the unknown people sitting thousands of miles from them. Its a big ocean of opportunities but you need to possess right knowledge and temperament for earning big online.

Amazon launches Audible Suno free app featuring short-stories in India — TechCrunch

Great Efforts by the E-commerce leader and th emission to reach the masses is going to be a hit through SUNO:

Amazon is having another go at expanding its reach to listeners in India. The company, which launched pay-to-use Audible in the country last year, today introduced a new service called Audible Suno that offers free access to “hundreds of hours of audio entertainment, enlightenment and learning.” And it’s banking on major Indian celebrities to draw…

Amazon launches Audible Suno free app featuring short-stories in India — TechCrunch

Lo Shu: एक अदभुत कला

फैंग शुई: Feng Shui की तरह Lo Shu भी Chinese Numerolgy का एक बहुत बढ़िया साधन है जिसका इस्तेमाल करके आप अपने जीवन को बेहतर बना सकते हैं। The Chinese Magic Square or Lo Shu Grid के बारे में आज हम जानेंगे जिसको इस्तेमाल कर के आप अपने जीवन को ख़ूबसूरत बना पाएँगे और आने वाली किसी भी संकट से उभरने का उपाय कर सकेंगे।

Lo Shu Grid

Lo Shu Grid एक 3×3 का Magic चौकोर है जिसमें 1 से 9 अंक होते हैं जिनका जोड़ हर दिशा मैं 15 ही होता है। बाएँ से दाएँ, उपर से नीचे या तिकोनीय दिशा में अगर आप देखें तो सभी तरफ़ का जोड़ 15 ही है। इस grid को आठ दिशाओं में बाटा जाता है: East,West,North,South.North East,North West,South East,South West जिनकी अलग अलग मान्यताएँ हैं। आपके जन्म दिन के सभी अंकों को इस grid में भरना पड़ता है यानि अगर आपका जन्म 21/3/1985 में हुआ है तो आप 2 को 2 के स्थान पर, एक अंक को एक के स्थान पर लिखेंगे। आप देखेंगे कि आपके जन्म दिन के कुल 2,1,3,1,9,8,5 आठ अंक हैं लेकिन इसमें 4,6,7 अंक नहीं है। आपको नीचे दिखाई image के अनुसार इन स्थानों को ख़ाली रखना है

इस जन्म दिन के मुताबिक़ मूलांक 3 होगा और भाग्यांक 2 है। मूलांक जन्म दिन का जोड़ होता है यानि 21/3/1985 में से 21 जन्म दिन है जिसका जोड़ 2+1=3 आता है। इसी तरह भाग्यांक जन्म के दिन, महीने,वर्ष को जोड़कर आता है 2+1+3+1+9+8+5=29–2+9=11—1+1=2 अब आप इस grid में मूलांक एवं भाग्यांक डाल दें।


Chinese Astrological predictions derive influence from the eight directions and Water Element,Wood Element,Earth Element, Metal Element and Fire Elements as shown in the Lo Shu grid from 1 to 9 as under:

  1. North: Career prospects, water element, planning
  2. South west: Marriage and Love Life, initiative and peace, Earth Element
  3. East: Health, Family, Progress in Life, Wood Element
  4. South East: Wealth, Prosperity, Wood Element
  5. Center: Strength, Stability, Personality, Earth Element
  6. NorthWest: Mentors, Helping Friends, Foreign Contacts, New Opportunities, Metal Element
  7. West: Mental Peace, Children, Creativity,Metal Element
  8. NorthEast: Knowledge,Education, Memory, Earth Element
  9. South: Fame, Energy,Recognition, Fire Element

Top row: (numbers 4, 9 and 2) represents the head of a person. In other words, the top row can be regarded as the Mental plane. It encompasses thinking, creating, imagining and analyzing

Middle row (numbers 3, 5 and 7) represents the body. The middle row is called the Emotional plane. This plane includes spirituality, intuition, feelings and emotions.

Bottom row (numbers 8, 1 and 6) represents the feet. The bottom row is called the Practical plane. This encompasses physical labor, creativity, and the ability to be practical in everyday life. To use the head-legs analogy again, the feet are firmly placed on the ground in the Practical Plane.

Similarly, the vertical COLUMNS are also interpreted as follows:

First vertical column (numbers 4, 3 and 8) is the Thought plane. This reveals the person’s ability to come up with ideas, create things and carry them through to fruition.

Middle vertical column (numbers 9, 5 and 1) is the Will plane. This gives determination and persistence to succeed.

Last Vertical Column(2,7,6) is called Action Plane and indicates ability to put his thoughts into action

Now coming to the charts prepared by you with DOB 21/3/1985, you will find number 4,6,7 missing meaning wealth, prosperity , true friends, mentors, new opportunities and mental peace remains the cause of concern. But a very strong Earth Element 2,5,8 numbers present in his grid indicates that his words are taken seriously This person can come up with plans and has strong will power but lacks in implementation of his action to bring the desired results as he lacks in mentorship, true friends. He can lead his life succesfully by following the undernoted simple remedies

As per Lo Shu, this fault can be rectified by wearing gold chain/bracelet or hanging 5 rods golden wind charm in the North West direction of the house. Besides, putting green light on the south East walls of the bed room will bring wealth,peace in his life.


Parveen Sabharwal