Halloween Days

These green coloured Amazing pumpkins with different sizes and shapes were drawing attention of all the visitors. These under developed /deformed vegetables must have made way to the market by sheer imagination and marketing skills of the vegetable growing professionals

COVID-19 might have dampened the spirits of celebratory moods but when it comes to the ghastly haunted stories, Halloween has gained in popularity in USA over the years People across the country mark this occasion with parades, costumes, haunted tours and other rituals. The tree leaves are already changing colors and the October chill has arrived with intermittent showers, allowing the occasion for homemade treats and pumpkin dishes, cozy sweaters, and hot coffee.

Each member in the family gets into festival mode as the preparations start well before 31 October every year. It’s not only collection of candies but a great effort by the families, first to buy big pumpkins, cut them into different shapes and paint these carved out biggies to stack at the front door. All the shopping malls come out with discount offers as shoppers start doing rounds of Walmart,Home Depot or K-mart to lay their hands on the picks they start looking for months in advance. Little kiddies dressed in vintage costumes and wearing creeps Berzerker or Clown masks on their faces giving a horrendous look would seek candies in return for “Trick or Treat” in the dark nights.

An intersting remote operated trap was created by one of our neighbours last year. A few candies near the lighted skulls outside the door and white cemetries laid on the lawn made the scene very scary from a distance. A set up like the block buster horror spooky movies of Hollywood!!. “Pick up the candie if You dare” was invitation for the kids to try and pick up as many candies as one likes. The moment one tried to pick the candie, mysterious sounds from the skull would make the kids run away.

Halloween traditions have spread worldwide and become increasingly popular in many countries. Even during the closure or partially opening of schools due to the pandemic, kids have assignments on Halloween to keep them involved during the isolation. This fascinaing and absorbing festival has been filling the otherwise dull life of everyone with some acitivity during the tough times these days. Pumpkins, Masks, Vintage dressses engage the imagination of students of all ages as they celebrate the festival enjoying themselves by sharing candies. Enthusism is unbeleivable and the online sellers platforms like Amazon are also doing brisk business by offering special deals for vintage lighted Halloween creatures and everything related to this fun festivity

I happened to buy a few Pumpkins and freshly piped honey sticks from a nearby garden this morning. Despite rising number of COVID cases, the number of cars parked in the parking place spoke of the belligrance shown by the families who wore their masks and kept social distancing as prescribed by the Farm House management. The spirit and moods of people was in line with a renowned quote “Life goes on!!” The kids looked more accomplaished than their parents in selecting the Pumplins for themselves.

The moods are upbeat!! Keep yourself warm with SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI IN HERBED WHITE WINE SAUCE while the kids are on “Trick or Treat” spree

“These multi coloured little cute pumpkins looked perfect show piece jewels for the corner table in your living room”

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