Defects(दोष): Reasons and Remedies: लाल किताब

Dosha or Defects in astrology, means un-favorable position of planets in your Horoscope which delays or nullify the hard work you have been doing in your life. Sudden loss of job/business/illness and hardships start happening at regular intervals making the life hell and you are perplexed never knowing the real cause of such developments. Here are a few different types of doshas which may hamper your progress in life: Symptoms and solutions will certainly help you in mitigating the adverse effects and make your life better.

Manglik Dosh

Mangal Dosh is the most common Dosh as 50% of the people have Mangal Dosh in their birth chart. Mangal Dosh occurs when the Mars planet is present in 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 house of your horoscope. The biggest misconception of Mangal Dosh in Vedic astrology is the death of spouse if a manglik marries a non manglik person. This could be true to some extent but there are other factors which neutrilises the effect of manglik Dosh.

Manglik Doshas in Vedic astrology is not effective if mars is present in its own house.


The commonly recommended solution for Manglik or Mangal dosh is to get a couple married, when both suffer from the same Dosha. Since two negatives make one positive, this is one of the remedies which an expert astrologer would usually recommend, especially when the Mangal dosh is low in intensity. With two people suffering from the same dosha, the Manglik Dosha gets nullified.

Kumbh Vivah: This is another remedy where a native is made to marry a banyan or a peepal tree first. It is after this ceremony, the bride and groom are allowed to marry each other. This is usually recommended when the Manglik Dosh is severe.

Chanting Mantra: This is another simple remedy recommended by most astrologers. Worship Especially Navagraha or Gayathri Mantra on every Tuesday. By doing so, the native is relieved, slowly from the clutches of Manglik or Mangal Dosh.

Fasting on Tuesdays: This is again a simple method that is done eternally to reduce the ill effects of Mangal dosh. This can also be done by the natives who suffer from Mangal dosh and are married to each other.

Visiting Hanuman temple on every Tuesday. This will again reduce the extra energy of Mangal or Planet Mars in a native’s chart.

Visit Lord Karthikey’s temple every Tuesday to reduce the ill effects.

A native with Manglik dosh is also advised to wear coral gem embedded in copper or a silver ring. This would channelize the energies well.

The native suffering from Manglik Dosh is also advised to wear a silver bracelet on the left hand. This would help provide relief from the ill-effects of Manglik Dosha.

Red Lentil and Jaggery feeding to Cows on Tuesdays also provides relief

Pitra Dosh

We all know that whenever our parents or ancestors die leaving behind big Bank Balances or property, this money automatically gets transferred to our accounts. A few diseases like diabetes etc are also sometimes passed on to the successors without their knowledge.

Similarly If our ancestors have done something bad, then we will suffer from Pitra dosha or paitrik dosha or Pitri Rin.
Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosha causes many obstacles in a person’s life. It forms in one’s horoscopes due to Pitra Dosha effects or our bad karma, we would have committed in the past.

Sun according to Vedic astrology is the father and moon is the mother, whereas Rahu and Saturn are the enemies of these two. So if Sun/Moon, Rahu and Saturn are in the same house then pitra dosha occurs. You will not progress because of this dosha.

If Sun is aspacted by any malefic planet like Rahu or Saturn, there will be pitra dosh.

If Sun is placed with Rahu, in 5th house or Sun is placed with Rahu in 9th house, Pitra Dosh will occur.

An individual may also be under adverse effects of inauspicious Shrapit Yoga(dosha) if Rahu is placed with Saturn.


We are perplexed to find obstacles at the time of accomplishment of our work.In spite of our best efforts, we do not succeed due to Pitru Dosha effects. We often find that the family members face one trouble or the other and do not get rid of the problems, even if one’s deeds are good.

Infact it is due to the effects of our Karmic debts of past or present or Pithru Dosham/ Pitru Dosha, Pitri Rin that we face the inevitable and unexpected difficulties and hardships in our life.

Obstacles in education and delay in growth of career or no improvement in the financial situation of either self or children.

Delay in the marriage of family member or self, divorce or problems in the married life of self or children, which makes us think or analyze what wrong we would have done in the past or present life.

The problem in conceiving or repeated miscarriage.

Accidents or sudden deaths in the family.

Inherited diseases and prolonged illness to the family members.

Mental subnormality in the child.

Birth of a physically disabled or unwanted child.

Disputes in the family and Addictions.

Never ending poverty. People always remain under debts and are unable to clear their debts despite all their best efforts.


Sharadh falls during the months of Sept or October every year. Perform with sincerity and full faith to remember and pay homage to our forefathers.

Complete the Shraddh on the date on which our ancestors died.

Offer water to the Banyan tree on Amavasya.

Worship Peepal Tree

One should offer water to the Pitras for 15 days during the Pitra Paksha  Shraddha or on the Tithi on which the ancestors died, and remember them

Help in maintining hospitals or charitble instituion/underprivileged people

Feed cows or throw a silver coin in the flowing water respectfully remebering ancestors

Kaal sarp Yog:

when all the panets in your horoscope lie in between Rahu and ketu, its said to result in Kaal Sarpa Yoga



  • Need to struggle a lot in life for small things.
  • Lack of happiness in life.
  • A feeling of loneliness at the time of need.
  • Problem or delay in promotion
  • Viewing dead ancestors in dreams.
  • Dream of water bodies.
  • Fear of snakes and its bite.

SOLUTIONS: According to LalKitab, the effect of KaalSarp Dosh is minimized by:

The flow of coconut and lentil with spiked water in the flowing water.

You can also donate fresh radish to remove it.

Also, peacock feathers should be kept at home and in the shop.

Have meals sitting in the kitchen. If married life is disturbed due to issues with life partner then remarry.

Float more live fishes than your age.

Worship Lord Ganesha daily.

Touch Peepal tree on saturdays and offer sweet water in it.

Make a hole in the coconut and put sesame, dry fruit,sugar, ghee and bury it in isolated place for ants on saturday.

Donate one handful of green kidney beans chanting Rahu mantra.

Put a picture of Krishan dancing on Nag on the south wall of your bed room.

Fast on Mahashivratri. Offer pair of snakes made of silver on shivalaya on mahashivratri.

Offer food to black or black n white dog from your own food by dipping in milk.

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