Lo Shu: Missing Numbers Remedy

Lo Shu Grid

Friends, Feng Shui, Lo Shu are the two oldest forms of divine and mathematical ancient Chinese art of Vastu practiced world over. This art not only helps in predicting the causes of ill effects but also provides simple remedies to the problems. The 3×3 magic square has 1 to 9 numbers which are placed in such a way that sum total of all lines and diagonals comes to 15!! A detailed post on LO SHU- was posted earlier on this blog which has been liked and appreciated by my readers across various countries Please have a look at this blog post by clicking this link; https://parveensabharwals.wordpress.com/2019/12/03/lo-shu-%e0%a4%8f%e0%a4%95-%e0%a4%85%e0%a4%a6%e0%a4%ad%e0%a5%81%e0%a4%a4-%e0%a4%95%e0%a4%b2%e0%a4%be/

Today we are going to discuss the remedies of missing numbers in the Lo Shu grid for making our lives happier and better. Each direction i.e East, West, North, South, NorthEast, Northwest, SouthEast,and SouthWest has the significance of its own and the grid identifies all numbers from 1 to 9 with the directions. For example; Number 4 is associated with southeast direction and number 9 is associated with the south direction.

The under noted Table-A has been prepared to guide you to the direction, element, and significance of each number. Any missing number in the grid reflects some deficiency in the energy that causes problems in your life. Let’s take the example of Ms. Rosy whose date of birth is 21/03/1985.

You will see that numbers 4, 6, and 7 are missing in the grid. From the Table-A given below, you will be able to establish that these numbers have great significance in one’s life. Ms. Rosy may find issues in her life inspite of a very strong 2, 5, 8 combination of Earth elements in the grid. Lo Shu provides a very simple remedy for this ill effect. Just watch for yourself:

Lo Shu Grid of Ms. Rosy
Lo Shu NoSignificanceDirectionElementRemedy
1career and life pathNorthWaterInstall a Water Fountain or Aquarium, Hang a mirror, wall clock on the east side wall of the living room
2 Love and Relationship
South WestEarthPlace a Small green plant or put up a green bulb on the southwest wall in the living room
3 Ancestral Blessings, FamilyEastWoodKeep a wooden pen or keyring with you or install a wooden clock, green scenery on the east side wall of your bedroom or a wooden dining table in the house
4 Wealth, Property and Savings South EastWoodKeep a wooden pen, keyring with you. Install a wooden clock or Mountain pic without water on the southeast wall of your living room or a wooden dining table in the house
5 Health: CentreCentreEarthWear crystal balls, Hang Crystal chandelier in the Hall:
6 Helpful People, Travel and Friends North WestMetal YellowWear a Watch with a golden strap or install a Windchime with 6 goldenrods, a Yellow pyramid   
7 Children and Creativity WestMetal(Silver)Hang Silver metal wind chimes having 7 rods on the west side of the living room. Place a white pyramid or wear a watch with a silver strap
8 Knowledge and Wisdom: North East: Earth:North EastEarthWear a necklace or pendant of crystals. Keep a crystal lotus or crystal clock Or any small crystal show piece towards the Northeast side of your living room.
9 Fame and AspirationSouthFirePut a red bulb in the South direction Or keep a red pyramid in this direction.

Hi Friends, explore the power of Lo Shu by finding your own problems and solving in minutes too!!

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Remedies of Malefic Planets: लाल किताब; खुद अपने दुखों का निवारण करें।

लाल किताब (lal Kitab) with basic features of vedic astrolgy provides solutions and remedies to the various problems confronted by individuals in everyday life. Easy, cheap and effective way of remedial measures has made this great book worth a place in the life of everyone.

A few easy remedies are appended below for curing the ill affects caused due to Malefic position of planets.

People settled abroad may not find rivers or flowing waters for performing certain remedies due to strict rules in those countries. They can perform all these activities in any temple or isolated place with complete devotion. However these remedies should continue for 43 days to get best results under lal Kitab

SUN: Remedies of Malefic Sun

  1. Have a good moral Character
  2. Worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama or Lord Krishna
  3. Never accept anything in charity like Jaggery Gur, Wheat and Copper made items
  4. Throw Gur/Copper/wheat in flowing water or bury in isolated place
  5. Don’t have intimate relationship even with your wife during the day time
  6. Start any auspicious work after taking sweets and drinking water
  7. Blow off fire with milk than water
  8. Main entrance of house should be in east. Seek Vastu assistance if its not possible

Moon:Remedies on Malefic Moon

  1. Keep a vessel full of water or milk under your bed during night and pour the water in kikar tree
  2. Serve your mother well and seek blessings every morning
  3. Use silver utensils if possible
  4. Dont get married at the age of 24
  5. If moon in aries then don’t deal in dairy products
  6. if in aquarious Rashi then worship lord shiva
  7. Donate milk, rice or silver

Mars: Remedies of Malefic Mars

  1. Float revris or batasha in the river or distribute sweets
  2. Help your brother from time to time without public attention
  3. Respect and Keep giving red clothes to bhua, sister or maternal aunt
  4. Tuesday fast and donate Sindoor in Hanuman ji temple
  5. Throw masoor dal, honey or sindoor in river

Mercury: Remedies of Malefic Mercury

  1. Respectfully with folded hands float copper piece with hole in the river
  2. Float Moong dal in river
  3. Serve crow,dog and cow from your food
  4. Burry honey in a mud pot in a lonely place
  5. Clean your teeth with fitkari
  6. Floating of mud pitcher in river
  7. Pierce nose
  8. Wear a copper coin around neck
  9. Donate Green clothes and bangles to Eunuch

Jupiter:Remedies of Malefic Jupiter

  1. Eat kesar or apply on tongue or nabhi
  2. Apply turmeric or kesar on forehead
  3. Never get peepal tree cut and try to water peepal tree regularly
  4. Donate chana dal, Kesar, turmeric, gold in yellow cloth in temple
  5. Do Durga puja and Ganesh Puja
  6. Serve Food to poor girls
  7. Wear gold and yellow thread in neck
  8. Do not keep God idols at home if jupiter in 7th house
  9. water peepal tree and grow yellow coloured flowers.

Venus:Remedies of Malefic Venus

  1. Donate Cow or fodder to cows
  2. Donate in bronze vessel
  3. blue flower to goddess Saraswati on Friday evening
  4. Use perfume or aromatic scents on fridays
  5. Give misri,camphor, ghee and curd at holy place

Saturn:Remedies of Malefic Saturn

  1. Offer food to crows for 43 days
  2. Donate iron made items but wear a ring made of horse shoe in your middle finger
  3. Pour spirit, oil or wine on the ground during morning hours at the sunrise for 43 days
  4. Donate oil on saturdays
  5. worship Bhairon and donate wine in the temple
  6. Feed bread with mustard oil to dogs and crow. Donate black lentil, coal,leather goods,timber

Rahu: Remedies of Malefic Rahu

  1. Donate Radish in charity or float coal in water
  2. Joint family system should be preferred
  3. Try to locate dining table near your kitchen. Keep kitchen clean
  4. Dont harm your brother or sister
  5. Keep saunf or sugar in red bag under your pillow
  6. Keep gangajal at home and if pssible sprinkle gangajal in your house
  7. Keep silver box or silver coin with you
  8. Donate Red masoor to the sweeper or temple
  9. Float barley or coconut in the river
  10. Float wheat or barley equal to the weight of the ill person with malefic Rahu

Ketu:Remedies of Malefic Ketu

  1. Donate Sesame seeds in charity
  2. Donate white and black blankets made of wool in temple
  3. Apply kesar or turmeric on forehead
  4. wear gold around neck or wrist
  5. Wear silver in foot toe
  6. Give milk, rice red masoor in charity
  7. Do Ganesh Puja regularly
  8. Keep a black and white dog at home or feed such dog

Hi Readers, I will shortly come up with an art to read and analyse your own horoscope Find the hurdles and reasons which are effecting your life You will find solutions to fix the problems for better future all by yourself. Keep reading and commenting friends