Unforgettable Moments

It was in the afternoon of April 2010 that a young girl accomapnied by a burly smart guy was waiting outside my office. I remained preoccupied due to Audit work which follows evey year in Banks after annual closing at the end of a particular financial year. Attending to the queries of a team of auditors on the job, I looked up momentrily to find this girl sitting in the waiting area. Normally, any visitor is taken care of by the team of executives working in the Banking Hall but the girl looked restless and eager to get up and enter my cabin.

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Sensing the urgency, I could see the girl reluctantly knocking and seeking permissiion to enter my cabin. Immediately excusing myself from the Audit team,I welcomed the visitors “Tell me! How can I help you” as I prompted her to intiiate the discussion. She was looking for an education loan from our Bank as no other Bank was entertaining her application for the unexplained reasons. As I dwelled deeper for the information, I found the guy more proactive and kept providing with half known facts which irritated me. “Please don’t interupt and let her come up with the reply”I had to rebuke him sternly with instructions to keep silent otherwise move out.

As she started narrating her stories, I got milder and more concerned about the genuine cause of her further studies. The guy was her fiancee and her father was an Auto driver. She was reluctant and not comfortable telling me about the status of her family particularly the profession of her father.However my efforts to make her comfortable and feel at ease attitude, could extract the whole information after interviewing her for about 30 minutes.

It was heartening to note that she was funding even her school education by doing some tuition work in the late evenings. She was very humble, honest having clear vision about her perceptions

More and more she unwinded the story, she looked relaxed and hopeful about her future education. She wanted to pursue her degree in Fine Arts but most of the Banks try to finance education loans to the potential Enginerers,Doctors and other high tech professionals for the only reason that their prospectus of getting good jobs in the country or overseas are better than those pursuing their careers in other verticals.

It indeed was a wrong notion of keeping their accounts safe for recovery. My experience in the Banking Industry believed in prompt and quick disposal of loan requests with a human face. A satisfied customer will always pay back the installments of loan regularly even if he/she is not sufficiently paid by the employer.

She was carrying documents about the ranking she got in the Entrance Exams, a provisional admission letter from the institute, evidence of her family income and academic record. She was a topper through out her schooling. After corrobrating her statements with the record, I was impressed and convinced about genuinenes of the case.

The decision was yet to be made as hierchy down the line, Loans officer responsible for compliling the proposal and recommending it for final approval needed to be discussed. But the smile on her face and satisfaction seen through her eyes spoke of the relief she was feeling after being heard with intense concentration and compassion. Advising them to sit and wait outside for a while, I took time to discuss the story with my staff who despite showing a few reservations agreed: though with an element of surprise!!

Although stuck up with the audit work which needed priority attention, she was advised to come back with the required information in a weeks time. In education loans, co-obligants are the parents as no tangible security could be insisted upon as per the prevailing guidlines. The Loan documents needed to be signed by her father as well. The designated day turned out to be saturday giving us just a few hours of working those days. The time slot was alloted to bring her father on saturday after she showed her reluctance due to peak hours of her father working on the weekdays.

Documentation and release of the initial instalment of the sanctioned loan amount took an hour or so. The girl with a cheque of 100,000/- in her hand wore an unbelievable benevolent smile on her face as if showing a trophy on winning the final race of her life.

The family looked very down to earth and obliged for prompt disbursement of Loan amount to the girl.

I am not writing this story to sing my own praises for this particular case but this was a routine during the entire length of my Banking career spanning over more than 35 years. I was never confronted with bad debts due to non recovery of Loan installments. This satisfaction goes on filling my heart with a sense of pride for doing my duty with purpose and empathy towards the deserving class of the society.

Dear readers, I would love to have your observations telling me what more should have been done. Kudos to the girl and her confidence for the efforts to find a way to continue her pusruit for higher education. My entire unit did a commendable job by going beyond the traditional barriers of not entertaining any fresh loans proposal during the audit work..

Happy reading and have a blessed day!!

Defects(दोष): Reasons and Remedies: लाल किताब

Dosha or Defects in astrology, means un-favorable position of planets in your Horoscope which delays or nullify the hard work you have been doing in your life. Sudden loss of job/business/illness and hardships start happening at regular intervals making the life hell and you are perplexed never knowing the real cause of such developments. Here are a few different types of doshas which may hamper your progress in life: Symptoms and solutions will certainly help you in mitigating the adverse effects and make your life better.

Manglik Dosh

Mangal Dosh is the most common Dosh as 50% of the people have Mangal Dosh in their birth chart. Mangal Dosh occurs when the Mars planet is present in 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 house of your horoscope. The biggest misconception of Mangal Dosh in Vedic astrology is the death of spouse if a manglik marries a non manglik person. This could be true to some extent but there are other factors which neutrilises the effect of manglik Dosh.

Manglik Doshas in Vedic astrology is not effective if mars is present in its own house.


The commonly recommended solution for Manglik or Mangal dosh is to get a couple married, when both suffer from the same Dosha. Since two negatives make one positive, this is one of the remedies which an expert astrologer would usually recommend, especially when the Mangal dosh is low in intensity. With two people suffering from the same dosha, the Manglik Dosha gets nullified.

Kumbh Vivah: This is another remedy where a native is made to marry a banyan or a peepal tree first. It is after this ceremony, the bride and groom are allowed to marry each other. This is usually recommended when the Manglik Dosh is severe.

Chanting Mantra: This is another simple remedy recommended by most astrologers. Worship Especially Navagraha or Gayathri Mantra on every Tuesday. By doing so, the native is relieved, slowly from the clutches of Manglik or Mangal Dosh.

Fasting on Tuesdays: This is again a simple method that is done eternally to reduce the ill effects of Mangal dosh. This can also be done by the natives who suffer from Mangal dosh and are married to each other.

Visiting Hanuman temple on every Tuesday. This will again reduce the extra energy of Mangal or Planet Mars in a native’s chart.

Visit Lord Karthikey’s temple every Tuesday to reduce the ill effects.

A native with Manglik dosh is also advised to wear coral gem embedded in copper or a silver ring. This would channelize the energies well.

The native suffering from Manglik Dosh is also advised to wear a silver bracelet on the left hand. This would help provide relief from the ill-effects of Manglik Dosha.

Red Lentil and Jaggery feeding to Cows on Tuesdays also provides relief

Pitra Dosh

We all know that whenever our parents or ancestors die leaving behind big Bank Balances or property, this money automatically gets transferred to our accounts. A few diseases like diabetes etc are also sometimes passed on to the successors without their knowledge.

Similarly If our ancestors have done something bad, then we will suffer from Pitra dosha or paitrik dosha or Pitri Rin.
Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosha causes many obstacles in a person’s life. It forms in one’s horoscopes due to Pitra Dosha effects or our bad karma, we would have committed in the past.

Sun according to Vedic astrology is the father and moon is the mother, whereas Rahu and Saturn are the enemies of these two. So if Sun/Moon, Rahu and Saturn are in the same house then pitra dosha occurs. You will not progress because of this dosha.

If Sun is aspacted by any malefic planet like Rahu or Saturn, there will be pitra dosh.

If Sun is placed with Rahu, in 5th house or Sun is placed with Rahu in 9th house, Pitra Dosh will occur.

An individual may also be under adverse effects of inauspicious Shrapit Yoga(dosha) if Rahu is placed with Saturn.


We are perplexed to find obstacles at the time of accomplishment of our work.In spite of our best efforts, we do not succeed due to Pitru Dosha effects. We often find that the family members face one trouble or the other and do not get rid of the problems, even if one’s deeds are good.

Infact it is due to the effects of our Karmic debts of past or present or Pithru Dosham/ Pitru Dosha, Pitri Rin that we face the inevitable and unexpected difficulties and hardships in our life.

Obstacles in education and delay in growth of career or no improvement in the financial situation of either self or children.

Delay in the marriage of family member or self, divorce or problems in the married life of self or children, which makes us think or analyze what wrong we would have done in the past or present life.

The problem in conceiving or repeated miscarriage.

Accidents or sudden deaths in the family.

Inherited diseases and prolonged illness to the family members.

Mental subnormality in the child.

Birth of a physically disabled or unwanted child.

Disputes in the family and Addictions.

Never ending poverty. People always remain under debts and are unable to clear their debts despite all their best efforts.


Sharadh falls during the months of Sept or October every year. Perform with sincerity and full faith to remember and pay homage to our forefathers.

Complete the Shraddh on the date on which our ancestors died.

Offer water to the Banyan tree on Amavasya.

Worship Peepal Tree

One should offer water to the Pitras for 15 days during the Pitra Paksha  Shraddha or on the Tithi on which the ancestors died, and remember them

Help in maintining hospitals or charitble instituion/underprivileged people

Feed cows or throw a silver coin in the flowing water respectfully remebering ancestors

Kaal sarp Yog:

when all the panets in your horoscope lie in between Rahu and ketu, its said to result in Kaal Sarpa Yoga



  • Need to struggle a lot in life for small things.
  • Lack of happiness in life.
  • A feeling of loneliness at the time of need.
  • Problem or delay in promotion
  • Viewing dead ancestors in dreams.
  • Dream of water bodies.
  • Fear of snakes and its bite.

SOLUTIONS: According to LalKitab, the effect of KaalSarp Dosh is minimized by:

The flow of coconut and lentil with spiked water in the flowing water.

You can also donate fresh radish to remove it.

Also, peacock feathers should be kept at home and in the shop.

Have meals sitting in the kitchen. If married life is disturbed due to issues with life partner then remarry.

Float more live fishes than your age.

Worship Lord Ganesha daily.

Touch Peepal tree on saturdays and offer sweet water in it.

Make a hole in the coconut and put sesame, dry fruit,sugar, ghee and bury it in isolated place for ants on saturday.

Donate one handful of green kidney beans chanting Rahu mantra.

Put a picture of Krishan dancing on Nag on the south wall of your bed room.

Fast on Mahashivratri. Offer pair of snakes made of silver on shivalaya on mahashivratri.

Offer food to black or black n white dog from your own food by dipping in milk.

रिश्ते: A Bond of Mutual Love and Compassion

Like streams of holy water carrying the purity of traditional values, a group of six families looking for greener pasteuers settled in Princeton, a historical city known for the famous Princeton University USA in the early days of 2014. Coming from diverse culture,region,religion and family backgrounds from India, a country known more as a land of snake charmers or elephants rather than the historical buildings,scientists, yoga and values attached since ancient times to this second biggest democracy in the world.

Aman Preet, a tall handsome, smiling, polished, clean shaven Panjabi guy employed in one of the leading Banks in USA was the first to arrive. Accompanying him was Anupriya, a beautiful accompalished wife with two daughters, they had rented a Ist Floor apartment overlooking entire stretch of the cross section of roads flanked by more than 20 appartments.

Other five families kept moving in at regular intervals, last being the youngest one. Originally from the northern state Rajastahn, Abhinav a handsome talented guy imbibing traditional values employed with a leading IT company shifted with two kids and Varsha a beautiful adorable ever smiling amiable wife. This couple added flavour to the group with their mannerism, wits and always ready to help others intiatives.

Raghu, a smart handsome guy from Hyderabad followed alongwith Neha and two kids. Neha a tall lean and beautiful girl from Indore was always up there to blend the western “Tadka” with desi touch to bring every meeting a lively experience .

Girish and Sapna coming from Mumbai, the financial capital of India added glamour as Sapna a beautiful smiling adorable home maker would mesmerise with her simply majestic sense of dressing. Girish a cool, mild natured, smiling young boy who may not have caused any difference with his presence during the parties but the absence was irritating for everyone for his gounded personality

A mix of Gujrati and western culture brought a cultivated ambitious couple who always looked for better career prospectus by keeping a low profile. A peculiar habit of buying only a branded item made Ashu a late starter as she would not compromise with anything less than the planned purchase. The sweet natured talkative Ashu and Mehul, a relaxed hubby would form an inevitable part of the group

Saurabh and Pankhudi from Dehradun with religious and teetotaller bent of mind were slow starter for their inhibitions about the late night parties involving Drinks and Non veg delicacies initially. With two girls, the couple looked a satisfied lot having been able to achieve what they had wished for settling in the USA. Saurabh would assume the role of a photographer for clicking a few joyous and funny moments of the party but never forgetting to click the couples individually with his guided instructions like a professional .

Not only the careers or academic level, all the six families were more or less into the same age group starting their parentage with a kid or two. As has always been back home, the young working people don’t feel comfortable mixing up freely due to their own inhibitions but a glance or two appreciating the kids playing in parking area definitely helped in starting a casual hello hi during the late evening excursions. !

Whatever be their place of origin, goals or aspirations but one thing was common which blended well to make them a family without any blood connection. They were all intelligent,responsible, charming and adorable individuals who never complained but looked for pleasant company of each other

The common parking area sprouted seeds of enduring relationship between these young aspiring families. Every evening, they would venture out of their apartments for a dose of fresh air in the beautifully landscaped lush green environment. The kids would love to play in the open compound as two other groups of Adam and Eves went about gossiping about the newly attained status of NRIs. Very cautious initially, they soon found enough room to talk about their Indian backgrounds and families.

A few vehicles would pass bye on the adjacent spiralling road hardly sounding horns or zooming past the lane. Unlike India, the drivers looked patient and more conscious about the privacy and serenity of the inhabitants. A small triangular island snadwitched between the two rows of Appartments looked majestic with green velvet grass and a few trees booming with flowers of violet colours. sidewalks spruced up with all weather flowers on the berms and beautifhul landscapping provided a soothing touch for the eyes.

First Winters had a lot of snowfall and handling the life in those tough weathers was a challenge. It was inconvenient for Abhinav and family as they were inhabiting the ground floor apartment and overnight snowing would block the entrance making it difficult to open the door early in the morning The cars laden with white sheet of snow remained stuck for days making it difficult to venture out for shopping. Gradually, they were accusomed and acclimatised to the new conditions and extreme weather..

Access to a nearby Princeton Railway station was a boon for commuting between Newyork and Princeton as use of their own car as preferrred transport mode was neither viable nor practical in the early period of their settlement overseas.

Well said “when you are outside the country at a strange place, you tend to find the people of your own culture, language and traditions” and these families were no different. The similarities of costumes, peculiar mannerism and language reminded them of their homes back in India. Shortly they found the first opportunity of get together. The festival seasons in India and USA usually start in the month of October and end with the celebrations by welcoming the new year.

It was the festival of lights Diwali which they unanimously decided to celebrate. It was a great fun as the crackers and sweets followed by dinner and drinks were in abundance to mark the occasion after performing Puja at their respective homes. Aman with his perfection on cocktails was a hit as everyone had his/her share of taste on thos first outing. Brimming with confidence after this first event successfully hosted as per the traditional Indian culture, they looked all set for furthering the celebratory moods in future too.

Slowly these festivals and celebrations made them feel for each other. Initial hitch started vanishing as the bonding got stronger. Everybody looked impatient and eager to host his turn which happened every few days. The tinkling noise of glasses had started filling the hearts with abundance of joy. Slowly every member was coming out of his shell by contributing with surprise talents. Though tinkler would not be a proper term for any of them but they relished a drink or two whenever they found opportunity.

Having a complete vegetarian and teetotaller family never dampened the spirits of the group. Rather everybody enjoyed the veg menus and snacks whenever this family found turn to host the group. Initially, everyone tried to observe strict parameters of not drinking within the four walls of their home and would love to gather outside using car roof as a raised table for enjoying their drinks right on the berms of an isolatted road. Great idea by Aman and Abhinav supported by the ladies enjoying their share with lots of fun sitting on the boot. Cheers!!kept filling the air with the intoxication of love and brotherhood warming up for each other!!

Every now and then they started finding excuses to have a get together as the chidlren enjoyed their companies too. Well aware of their limitations and traditional values, the males mixed up with the females very conveniently but never crossed the barriers of their culture. Songs and witty jokes would flow in tandem with dances to follow. sapna, Neha and Varsha would always the first one to start gyrating on the Hindi numbers and others followed on western music.

The purity of relationship was like watching your reflection in a still clear water. It was like a home away from home where a family member understands rights and responsibilities towards the whole family without ever having to be reminded of.

Weekends were no more a boring monotonous activity but it started getting livelier and full of exhuberance for all. Exploring nearby locations for tracking or going to tourist attractions had become a regular schedule. . Newyork, the most happening city remained on the list of all kids as the fun filled vibrations of western music and the fast food provided them much needed comforts from their school routine. Visits by the parents from India was also a regular feature. They were satisfied on finding the grand kids being groomed in western culture without ever forgetting the traditional Indian values.

Sometimes you feel frustrated on the sudden develpoments in life and these families were not different as the kids started growing. The two bedroom appartments looked small to accommodate the visitting relatives/grand parents.

Though difficult they started moving out in 2017. With sufficient Bank balances in their accounts and easy availablty of mortgage loans for buying their own houses instead of paying rent, the search started for finding areas of their choice. Whereas some insisted for settling in the Indian dominated localities like Jersey City, others moved out for better schooling or better prices nearby.

Aman was first to leave followed by Abhinav who preferred a far off place an upcoming city known for better schooling They looked heart broken as every other month the news of movement arrived and they spent hours together drinking and enjoying the company as if they are not going to meet again. The toddlers had grown as kids, kids started going to school as young ones, the younger attained puberty and a few were going to cross the sweet sixteen stage shortly.

The time has passed but the sweetness has deepened as intensity of relationship grew between all these families

They were settling in different cities of New Jersey making it at least an hour journey from each other but meeting regularly was a challenge as behaviour of children could change due to their own priorities with growing age. Raghu stayed in Princeton as he preferred the area due to better schooling and personal comforts due to cosmopolitan nature of the city. Besides, Raghu and Neha had their place of work only a few minutes drive from Princeton

Soon the things started rolling again as they decided for a night out and celebrate festivals regularly at the pre decided venues. X-Mas at Abhinav’s residence in Jersey city, Diwali celebrations at Raghu’s place in Princeton and New Year eve at Aman’s place was ana annual feature awaited eagerly by all. The excitement was loud and clear for everyone as the kids wanted some extra hours to spend for playing games and running around the whole night without worrying to return home with heavy heart in the late hours.

Occasional night out brought more cheers for the lot. They would dance, shout, play and drink the whole night as the venue looked spruced up with the festive activity and vibrations of love and care for each other.

However with long faces they would say Good bye in the morning reluctantly but promising to be back again in the near future. That was the spirit and intensity of relationship which culminated into bond of care, affection and respect for each other. The growing up kids reciting shlokas in Sanskrit and others following up with traditional Indian dances or songs provided soothing touch to the eyes for keeping our culture alive in the minds of coming generation.

With all their priorities of worldy pleasures like owning house, good education for the children, established bright careers, settling as citizens of USA sorted out, the roots remain firmly grounded to the traditional Indian values.

I may not always be there to relish and participate in such a lively and absorbing family culture but would keep showering my love for this beautiful family. Who says, the relationship happens by sharing common blood vessels flowing in the arteries of two individuals.It indeed is a matter of understanding feelings, mutual respect and care between the two ivdividuals which make the relationship enduring and lasting for ever.

Halloween Days

These green coloured Amazing pumpkins with different sizes and shapes were drawing attention of all the visitors. These under developed /deformed vegetables must have made way to the market by sheer imagination and marketing skills of the vegetable growing professionals

COVID-19 might have dampened the spirits of celebratory moods but when it comes to the ghastly haunted stories, Halloween has gained in popularity in USA over the years People across the country mark this occasion with parades, costumes, haunted tours and other rituals. The tree leaves are already changing colors and the October chill has arrived with intermittent showers, allowing the occasion for homemade treats and pumpkin dishes, cozy sweaters, and hot coffee.

Each member in the family gets into festival mode as the preparations start well before 31 October every year. It’s not only collection of candies but a great effort by the families, first to buy big pumpkins, cut them into different shapes and paint these carved out biggies to stack at the front door. All the shopping malls come out with discount offers as shoppers start doing rounds of Walmart,Home Depot or K-mart to lay their hands on the picks they start looking for months in advance. Little kiddies dressed in vintage costumes and wearing creeps Berzerker or Clown masks on their faces giving a horrendous look would seek candies in return for “Trick or Treat” in the dark nights.

An intersting remote operated trap was created by one of our neighbours last year. A few candies near the lighted skulls outside the door and white cemetries laid on the lawn made the scene very scary from a distance. A set up like the block buster horror spooky movies of Hollywood!!. “Pick up the candie if You dare” was invitation for the kids to try and pick up as many candies as one likes. The moment one tried to pick the candie, mysterious sounds from the skull would make the kids run away.

Halloween traditions have spread worldwide and become increasingly popular in many countries. Even during the closure or partially opening of schools due to the pandemic, kids have assignments on Halloween to keep them involved during the isolation. This fascinaing and absorbing festival has been filling the otherwise dull life of everyone with some acitivity during the tough times these days. Pumpkins, Masks, Vintage dressses engage the imagination of students of all ages as they celebrate the festival enjoying themselves by sharing candies. Enthusism is unbeleivable and the online sellers platforms like Amazon are also doing brisk business by offering special deals for vintage lighted Halloween creatures and everything related to this fun festivity

I happened to buy a few Pumpkins and freshly piped honey sticks from a nearby garden this morning. Despite rising number of COVID cases, the number of cars parked in the parking place spoke of the belligrance shown by the families who wore their masks and kept social distancing as prescribed by the Farm House management. The spirit and moods of people was in line with a renowned quote “Life goes on!!” The kids looked more accomplaished than their parents in selecting the Pumplins for themselves.

The moods are upbeat!! Keep yourself warm with SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI IN HERBED WHITE WINE SAUCE while the kids are on “Trick or Treat” spree

“These multi coloured little cute pumpkins looked perfect show piece jewels for the corner table in your living room”

Earn Online: Monetisation of Dreams

Who doesn’t dream to be rich? Everyone does and so do I!! Sometimes it may look weird and unrealistic but dreams need to be like that. If your dreams are not making you spend sleepless nights then the delusion which sneaks through our minds while we are asleep are not big enough.

There are people who manage to stretch their dreams and find out the resources to achieve success. Yes! I do agree that achieving big in life needs to be a steady process nurtured through sheer hard work and patience but certainly its possible with right temperament, commitment and drawing a clear route map for your journey.

We have another set of dreamers who wanted to become rich overnight with little efforts.

Hundreds of catchy and luring ads inserted by the hoaxers can be found inviting you to earn quick bucks by starting online business. Basically they are all engaged in selling dreams to hundreds and thousands of aspiring people who are dreaming of a trail of dollars dropping from nowhere into their pockets by setting up a simple system after payment of a fees. Strange!!

The shrewed scamster will send a few snap shots of fabricated payment proof like Bank transcations, Paypal account etc. to make you believe about authenticity of the system. A good number of unsuspecting people will fall prey to their nefarious designs too. The poor cusotomers would realise, Alas!! after losing their hard earned money. The scamsters will vanish from the scene after defrauding a good number of people and appear with some other name again after a few days to poach/trap a few more.

You need to be circumspect when you find these luring tag lines on the internet when you are googling your intentions to earn online. We need to understand as to why a person having any idea of creating income by operating a system would like to share the secret to any body else? He can accumulate huge wealth himself to become the richest person.

The platforms like Godaddy, WordPress, Freelancer,Upwork, Coursera, Udemy and others are providing opportunity for you to earn extra income with your hobbies or skills without having to produce proof of formal education but You need to have exceptional skills to earn online .

Explore your own talent before wasting your time and money. Even the knowledge acquired with your experiences in life helps. A large number of professionals have been earning their living or passive income while sitting at home and finding jobs from the unknown people sitting thousands of miles from them. Its a big ocean of opportunities but you need to possess right knowledge and temperament for earning big online.

Amazon launches Audible Suno free app featuring short-stories in India — TechCrunch

Great Efforts by the E-commerce leader and th emission to reach the masses is going to be a hit through SUNO:

Amazon is having another go at expanding its reach to listeners in India. The company, which launched pay-to-use Audible in the country last year, today introduced a new service called Audible Suno that offers free access to “hundreds of hours of audio entertainment, enlightenment and learning.” And it’s banking on major Indian celebrities to draw…

Amazon launches Audible Suno free app featuring short-stories in India — TechCrunch

Lo Shu: एक अदभुत कला

फैंग शुई: Feng Shui की तरह Lo Shu भी Chinese Numerolgy का एक बहुत बढ़िया साधन है जिसका इस्तेमाल करके आप अपने जीवन को बेहतर बना सकते हैं। The Chinese Magic Square or Lo Shu Grid के बारे में आज हम जानेंगे जिसको इस्तेमाल कर के आप अपने जीवन को ख़ूबसूरत बना पाएँगे और आने वाली किसी भी संकट से उभरने का उपाय कर सकेंगे।

Lo Shu Grid

Lo Shu Grid एक 3×3 का Magic चौकोर है जिसमें 1 से 9 अंक होते हैं जिनका जोड़ हर दिशा मैं 15 ही होता है। बाएँ से दाएँ, उपर से नीचे या तिकोनीय दिशा में अगर आप देखें तो सभी तरफ़ का जोड़ 15 ही है। इस grid को आठ दिशाओं में बाटा जाता है: East,West,North,South.North East,North West,South East,South West जिनकी अलग अलग मान्यताएँ हैं। आपके जन्म दिन के सभी अंकों को इस grid में भरना पड़ता है यानि अगर आपका जन्म 21/3/1985 में हुआ है तो आप 2 को 2 के स्थान पर, एक अंक को एक के स्थान पर लिखेंगे। आप देखेंगे कि आपके जन्म दिन के कुल 2,1,3,1,9,8,5 आठ अंक हैं लेकिन इसमें 4,6,7 अंक नहीं है। आपको नीचे दिखाई image के अनुसार इन स्थानों को ख़ाली रखना है

इस जन्म दिन के मुताबिक़ मूलांक 3 होगा और भाग्यांक 2 है। मूलांक जन्म दिन का जोड़ होता है यानि 21/3/1985 में से 21 जन्म दिन है जिसका जोड़ 2+1=3 आता है। इसी तरह भाग्यांक जन्म के दिन, महीने,वर्ष को जोड़कर आता है 2+1+3+1+9+8+5=29–2+9=11—1+1=2 अब आप इस grid में मूलांक एवं भाग्यांक डाल दें।


Chinese Astrological predictions derive influence from the eight directions and Water Element,Wood Element,Earth Element, Metal Element and Fire Elements as shown in the Lo Shu grid from 1 to 9 as under:

  1. North: Career prospects, water element, planning
  2. South west: Marriage and Love Life, initiative and peace, Earth Element
  3. East: Health, Family, Progress in Life, Wood Element
  4. South East: Wealth, Prosperity, Wood Element
  5. Center: Strength, Stability, Personality, Earth Element
  6. NorthWest: Mentors, Helping Friends, Foreign Contacts, New Opportunities, Metal Element
  7. West: Mental Peace, Children, Creativity,Metal Element
  8. NorthEast: Knowledge,Education, Memory, Earth Element
  9. South: Fame, Energy,Recognition, Fire Element

Top row: (numbers 4, 9 and 2) represents the head of a person. In other words, the top row can be regarded as the Mental plane. It encompasses thinking, creating, imagining and analyzing

Middle row (numbers 3, 5 and 7) represents the body. The middle row is called the Emotional plane. This plane includes spirituality, intuition, feelings and emotions.

Bottom row (numbers 8, 1 and 6) represents the feet. The bottom row is called the Practical plane. This encompasses physical labor, creativity, and the ability to be practical in everyday life. To use the head-legs analogy again, the feet are firmly placed on the ground in the Practical Plane.

Similarly, the vertical COLUMNS are also interpreted as follows:

First vertical column (numbers 4, 3 and 8) is the Thought plane. This reveals the person’s ability to come up with ideas, create things and carry them through to fruition.

Middle vertical column (numbers 9, 5 and 1) is the Will plane. This gives determination and persistence to succeed.

Last Vertical Column(2,7,6) is called Action Plane and indicates ability to put his thoughts into action

Now coming to the charts prepared by you with DOB 21/3/1985, you will find number 4,6,7 missing meaning wealth, prosperity , true friends, mentors, new opportunities and mental peace remains the cause of concern. But a very strong Earth Element 2,5,8 numbers present in his grid indicates that his words are taken seriously This person can come up with plans and has strong will power but lacks in implementation of his action to bring the desired results as he lacks in mentorship, true friends. He can lead his life succesfully by following the undernoted simple remedies

As per Lo Shu, this fault can be rectified by wearing gold chain/bracelet or hanging 5 rods golden wind charm in the North West direction of the house. Besides, putting green light on the south East walls of the bed room will bring wealth,peace in his life.


Parveen Sabharwal


True Leadership

Does your success really matter for being a true leader??
May be,yes!! as most of the books carry examples of successful leaders who have excelled in their professional amd Personal lives. Some writers talk about the born leaders while others ridicule this concept of born leaders as they consider leaders to inculculcate the qualities and zeal to succeed in their attitude while the genes play no role in the making of great leaders

 I happened to experience an all together different phenomenon of Leadership last Sunday.  Our entire family unit is holidaying in USA these days and suddenly my grandson aged eight years suggested visiting Rockville a place for indoor rock climbing sport for a few hours. He is a genius at such a tender age and we couldn’t say no to his proposal. About forty minutes drive from our residence and we were there to see the anxious performance of the kids numbering four. The youngest being my grand daughter just four years old studying in her kinder garten school. After payment at the counter, the kids were ready in their sports gears and support staff. I was feeling relaxed in the company of My son/daughter and their families watching the kids trying to climb the vertical walls of more than 60 feet.

my grandson having already experienced this adventure alongwith the school team was quick touching the top repeatedly but all other kids and elder ones looked desperate. Every effort looked in vain as they felt out of breath and clapped at what my grandson was doing repeatedly.

Suddenly we could see my grand daughter trying to go up steadily but finding the task little bit too tough for her age had surrendered. She got up again and we stood motionless looking at each other as the four years old tried yet another time and clinging like a small creature from a distance she was trekiing up slowly . In minutes she was up there on top!!! Everyone started cheering her and waited for her return on the floor.

It was like an Olympic Gold performance as the cuddles and blessings showered from all over the place and we looked proud grand parents. The real story started after this wonderful achievement by the little cute girl. My grandson aged less than five years looked determined and so did everyone  in the family. One after the other every member found the blood gushing in his arteries and to the great astonishment  everyone tried and climbed the curved wall like really professional rock climbers!!

The inspiration and leading from the front attitude was shown by the little girl. Did she mean to lead the family?? Did she try to succeed professionally?? Did she have any ambition other than climbing the wall?? Not really but unknowingly she presented a great lesson on leadership and I wondered if any of the books written by the acclaimed writers had been able convey the
message which has this four years girl conveyed authentically

4A046892-AA64-475B-85D8-62D34A6A6A5E in minutes.
You are the True Leader indeed!!